How to Keep Your Towels in Tip Top Shape – A quick quide.

Let us share some quick tips for keeping your Turkish towels and Blankets in tippy-top condition at all times.

First thing is first!


Before using your towel for the first time, we highly recommend soaking it in cold water over night, and then hanging it to dry. This allows the cotton fibres to bloom and will condition your towel to reach its maximum absorbency.

After the initial soak, machine wash cold. DO NOT bleach. DO NOT use fabric softener.

We recommend hanging your towel to dry; it is better for the towel and for the environment. If tumble drying is preferred, please use low heat. You may iron it in low heat should you need to do so.


Should the tassles come undone after several washes, simply split the untied tassles, twist each one seperately, put them together and tie them with a simple overhand knot. Voila! Good as new!




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